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Storage / Impound

We offer both “fenced-in” outdoor as well as “secure” indoor storage & impound facilities for all types and sizes of motor vehicles and trailers.

The indoor facilities are of great assistance to law enforcement officials for search and seizures.

Claiming A Vehicle or Property

In order to claim your property or vehicle you must bring:

Proof of Ownership

Registration Card, Insurance Card or Title

Drivers License

Current Drivers License

*Pay Fees*

*All Fees Must Be Paid In Full

*Payment Notice*

Cash Credit/Debit only – No Personal Checks for Business Checks must clear by bank prior to wording.

If your vehicle has been been impounded due to expired registration and or bad plate or insurance these must be current before the property can be released 

Vehicles or Personal Property can only be reclaimed during normal business hours and for weekends next business day. 

If a vehicle or property is impounded and not claimed for more than 30 days without any communication it will be considered abandoned. 

NOTE: Many times when a vehicle or property is sent here we may not have contact information provided. If you believe your vehicle or property has been you must contact us asap